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Rehab Vision

Rehab Vision​

The Holina Rehab vision is that anyone and everyone who wants to change their life and can make the journey to us in Koh Phangan will discover for themselves, their best path back to themselves.

By incorporating whatever spiritual, therapeutic, cognitive and holistic transformation they discover under our guidance, their healing may come to create long-lasting, positive change for themselves and the greater global good.

Holina is both a pioneering residential rehabilitation center for addiction and depression, as well as a holistic healing retreat for emotional, behavioural, and spiritual growth. Holina, back to yourself.

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Rehab Thailand

We understand the very nature of addiction. We understand the very nature of addiction because we’re in personal long-term permanent recovery from our own addictions.

After working with many addicts and addictions for years, we have come to develop our own unique method of treatment that successfully and smoothly combines both eastern and western attitudes of addiction and holistic treatments into a comprehensive modality, that genuinely serves our long-term recovery ahead.

Addiction is considered a physical, mental, and spiritual illness. We treat the physical side with detox and continued abstinence. We treat the mental side with talking therapies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the 12-Step program.

And we treat the spiritual side with our holistic treatments and activities that bring us closer to our emotional, conscious, and subconscious selves.

At Holina, here in beautiful Koh Phangan, we are surrounded by some of the world’s greatest holistic healers as well as addiction practitioners. It’s the perfect merge between the 2 sides of successful treatment. Our original approach is commended and supported by the media, researchers, and consumers themselves.

NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – pseudoscientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy designed specially to renew and refresh ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

CBT/DBT– Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Dialectical Behaviour Therapy provides a person-centred approach designed to suit you as an individual

Group Therapy 

12 Steps – A practical guide to meaningful life through applying spiritual tools in every action throughout the day.

Mindfulness – mindfulness is a meditation based on evidence successfully used to deal with anxiety, depression, CPTSD, and other emotional health disorders that mainly occur with addiction.

Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, Functionally, and Creatively.

Successful treatment begins with a decision to change and continues with a mindset overhaul to bring you into a new way of thinking, upon which we can change our lives, habits, values and focuses. It’s a whole new way of life; a journey deeper to yourself and your view of the world. Back to yourself.

Here at Holina Rehab, on our small peninsula, surrounded by the jungle, with our private golden sandy beach, multiple swimming pools, gym, sauna, ice bath, etc in complete confidentiality, so you can relax and rediscover your passion whilst you redesign your future, just the way you want it, no longer driven by compulsion or need to serve your addiction.

Our well-designed air-conditioned bungalows fit most budgets, with expansive sea and horizon views, sunsets you will never forget, fully catered spaces including relaxation areas, meditation, and yoga salas, complexes for personal or group tasks, sauna, and spa services, and plenty of space to feel free. Furthermore, our team are dedicated, determined, and highly experienced professionals who have been carefully selected to serve you.

Most of our Rehab Team are in personal recovery themselves. Proving that our recovery plan works and giving you personal evidence that peace of mind is attainable to all. We promise you that your stay with us at Holina Rehab will be life-changing and you’ll remember it fondly for the rest of your life.

Holina Retreats

2 solutions for different challenges, in the same location with separate programs of change.

Holina serves as a therapeutic and rehabilitative channel for various addictions, depression, emotional challenges, and behavioural health. 

The Holina Rehab works around the 12 Step program of recovery, blended with talking therapies, coaching & counselling, holistic healing, mindfulness including the Inner Walk, wellness and other emotionally stimulating practices.

The Holina Retreat uses the principles from the 12 Step program to assist with emotional and behavioural challenges and utilise the full holistic, counselling, and coaching efforts that the rehab has at its disposal. Furthermore, holistic treatments and other mindfulness, wellness and spiritual practices are utilized.

Holina is staffed by professional therapists, doctors, psychologists, 12-step instructors, and experienced and diverse staff, emphasizing personal care plans that are largely unique for each patient. We support a combination of Oriental and Western therapeutic approaches including NLP, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness Meditation, and the 12-step program that has proven itself in 124 countries around the world and saved the lives of many millions of individuals and their families worldwide. We believe this program is essential as it reveals the fears and struggles of the individual and frees them up to clear themselves for their future, and back to themselves.

The program also subconsciously touches on destructive behavioural patterns, allowing them to part with limiting beliefs and disconnect from the familiar environment. Trauma also plays a part in someone’s negative development and we use emotional release techniques to disconnect and disengage the power of the traumas and learned behaviours or coping strategies.

We are proud to be able to offer the perfect retreat for you to come and recharge, rejuvenate and relax, whilst you transform yourself even further through our holistic therapies and personal growth sessions.

Whilst Holina began as a residential rehab for addictions and depression, we noticed that many enquiries came to us from people who didn’t have any debilitating addiction or depression struggles, yet they had a yearning for something within themselves that needed unleashing. They identified with the Holina tag “Back to yourself” and they knew we could help them, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

So, using the holistic therapies we already feature at Holina, and creating a program that more specifically serves people’s emotional and spiritual wellness, we launched Holina Retreats to serve our residents’ emotional and spiritual wellness requirements.

Because of the extraordinary success of our Inner-Walking meditation as well as our strong and varied holistic team, crossed with our beautiful resort on the gorgeous Island of Koh Phangan, in the Gulf of Thailand, Holina Retreats have captured the interest of our residents, long before they even arrive.

Holina retreats have a considered and varied schedule, that provides you with an opportunity to explore yourself, whilst enjoying the company of others along the same self-seeking path – back to yourself.

Permit yourself the gift of serenity and allow us to serve you with comfort and peace of mind whilst you get back to yourself.