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Meet Our Rehab Team

Holina Rehab prides itself on our dedicated and diligent team of practitioners, from many different backgrounds, modalities and focused interests. We have Counsellors, Coaches, Mentors, Therapists, Psychotherapists, Trainers, Recovery Champions, Healers and even a Monk on our diverse and experienced team.

To join our team, please send your CV / Biography to and explain why you’d love to live on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan and join our team of committed individuals.

Yossi Zubari

Holina Founder

Director & Senior Therapist working with addiction for over 25 years, and in personal recovery for almost 30 years

Prah Olarn Pengsakul

Holina Founder

Olarn Pengsakul was born on the island of Koh Phangan and built the Loyfa resort with his family back in 1988.

Ian Young

Managing Director

Ian Young has worked in the addiction treatment industry since 2003 (in personal recovery since 2001)

Richard Pike

Clinical Manager

Uk Born Richard Is our New Clinical Manager at Holina Rehab.

Hamutal Cohen

Pyschologist and Pyschotherapy Team Manager

Marc Rower

Lead Trauma Therapist

Holding a German licence for Psychotherapy, Marc supports clients in gently addressing and resolving complex Trauma.

Lee Brage

Recovery Facilitator's Team Manager

Lee is a licensed Naturopath, Clinical Herbalist, and Yoga teacher. She runs the Support Team with love, compassion and certainty.

William Morgan

Senior Practitioner and Aqua Tuning Therapist

William’s personal empowerment program, is designed for restoring health and reaching beyond to highly successful living.

Dr. Aviva Wolf

Consultant Pyschiatrist

Stephanie Hopper

Support Team Coordinator & Recovery Facilitator

With a degree in Criminology and Psychology (Bsc), alongside her Certificate in Humanistic Counselling, Stephanie is immersed in the client experience at Holina.

Ole Kittisak Norheim

Trauma Recovery Facilitator Team, Motivational Coach and Activities Coordinator

Ole is Norwegian and his background is in theNorwegian Army, UN peacekeeping forces and a career as entrepreneur in the European internet industry.

Ewa Juszczyk

Leading Somatic Therapist

Dafna Bilchinsky

Social Worker & Family Coordinator

Eviatar Azran

Pyschodrama Therapist



Noa Rubin

Pyschologist and Pyschotherapist

Vie Garand

Recovery Facilitator Team


Support Staff

Beth Parasmo

Holistic Therapist

Susette Sacker

Support Staff

Nurse Tanya

Senior Nurse

Nurse Pond


Justine Buenaventura

Restauranteur & Nutritionist

Steve Driver

Holina Consultant

Mandy Moore

Recovery Team Facilitator

Tanya Van Leeuwen

Recovery Facilitators Team

Grant Cambell

Support Staff

Grant began his own recovery journey in Essex, UK, and finally found a balance in his recovery while in Scotland. He is a strong advocate of the 12-step program because he’s proven that it can work for him after many years of addiction.

Cherry Hardiman

Support Staff

Office & Maintenance Staff

Restaurant Staff