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Meet Our Rehab Team

Holina Rehab prides itself on our dedicated and diligent team of practitioners, from many different backgrounds, modalities and focused interests. We have Counsellors, Coaches, Mentors, Therapists, Psychotherapists, Trainers, Recovery Champions, Healers and even a Monk on our diverse and experienced team.

To join our team, please send your CV / Biography to and explain why you’d love to live on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan and join our team of committed individuals.

Yossi Zubari

Holina Founder

Director & Senior Therapist working with addiction for over 25 years, and in personal recovery for almost 30 years

Prah Olarn Pengsakul

Holina Founder

Olarn Pengsakul was born on the island of Koh Phangan and built the Loyfa resort with his family back in 1988.

Ian Young

Managing Director

Ian Young has worked in the addiction treatment industry since 2003 (in personal recovery since 2001)

Richard Pike

Clinical Manager

Uk Born Richard Is our New Clinical Manager at Holina Rehab.

Hamutal Cohen

Pyschologist and Pyschotherapy Team Manager

Marc Rower

Lead Trauma Therapist

Holding a German licence for Psychotherapy, Marc supports clients in gently addressing and resolving complex Trauma.

Lee Brage

Recovery Facilitator's Team Manager

Lee is a licensed Naturopath, Clinical Herbalist, and Yoga teacher. She runs the Support Team with love, compassion and certainty.

William Morgan

Senior Practitioner and Aqua Tuning Therapist

William’s personal empowerment program, is designed for restoring health and reaching beyond to highly successful living.

Dr. Aviva Wolf

Consultant Pyschiatrist

Stephanie Hopper

Support Team Coordinator & Recovery Facilitator

With a degree in Criminology and Psychology (Bsc), alongside her Certificate in Humanistic Counselling, Stephanie is immersed in the client experience at Holina.

Ole Kittisak Norheim

Trauma Recovery Facilitator Team, Motivational Coach and Activities Coordinator

Ole is Norwegian and his background is in theNorwegian Army, UN peacekeeping forces and a career as entrepreneur in the European internet industry.

Ewa Juszczyk

Leading Somatic Therapist

Dafna Bilchinsky

Social Worker & Family Coordinator

Eviatar Azran

Pyschodrama Therapist



Noa Rubin

Pyschologist and Pyschotherapist

Vie Garand

Recovery Facilitator Team


Support Staff

Beth Parasmo

Holistic Therapist

Susette Sacker

Support Staff

Nurse Tanya

Senior Nurse

Nurse Pond


Justine Buenaventura

Restauranteur & Nutritionist

Steve Driver

Holina Consultant

Mandy Moore

Recovery Team Facilitator

Tanya Van Leeuwen

Recovery Facilitators Team

Grant Cambell

Support Staff

Grant began his own recovery journey in Essex, UK, and finally found a balance in his recovery while in Scotland. He is a strong advocate of the 12-step program because he’s proven that it can work for him after many years of addiction.

Cherry Hardiman

Support Staff

Office & Maintenance Staff

Restaurant Staff

Ole Kittisak Norheim

Adventure Coach

Ole is Norwegian and his background is Norwegian Army, UN peacekeeping forces

Ole Kittisak Norheim

Steven Fisher

Support Team

Recovery Champion found recovery aged 29.He grew up in Alaska, USA and prior to coming to Koh Phangan

Steven Fisher

Jace Jordan

Marc graduated with a master’s degree in sociology and worked in the field of marketing communications before he left Germany and the corporate world in 2012.

Rehab Team


Trauma Release Exercises, Rebirthing & Art Therapist.

Steffi has been living on Koh Phangan for more than two years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in art education and a master’s degree in applied cultural science.


Michal Ora


Michal is available to guide our clients through her process of self-knowledge and personal understanding

Michal Ora

The Holina Residential Program

Holina’s holistic approach brings to life a broad and healthy view that meets the 6 primary human needs – certainty, significance, variety, love/connection, growth and contribution.

At Holina, we use this framework to provide a solution to the full range of addictive symptoms, while investing in the most beautiful location for recovery you’re likely to find in Asia and beyond. with the highest quality and prestigious facilities available.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

We have a wide selection of accommodation options available when you stay at Holina Rehab, Koh Phangan. We believe your environment and the people around you can make a big difference in your treatment and your overall well-being.

Please enquire about the pricing structure of 24/7 medically managed detox, supervised by Doctors and nurses, licensed as an inpatient hospital on the contact form below.

Holina Cyprus

Holina Youth Village

Holina Village is a safe and contained space designed for young people from the age of 16 to 26, who are choosing to deal with their addictions.

Holina Retreat

Corporate Spiritual Retreat

Specialising in healing our emotions and expanding our spirit through our beautiful retreat in Koh Phangan.

Holina Global Locations

Holina Rehabilitation Services are also available in Europe at our new Holina Youth Village in Cyprus where we welcome the younger generation who have addictions and more commonly online and behavioural addictions. We also cater for the corporate and business world with our Spiritual Retreats at our forthcoming location on Koh Phangan Island.

For More Details Reach Out To Us Today & Contact Holina Rehab!

Holina Addiction Treatment Center FAQ's

If the substances you consume, or your behaviour or attitude is getting you into trouble or having a negative impact on your life, The River Rehab may be an important option for you to consider. Not only will we provide you with the tools that you need, but we will also give you access to customized levels of treatment that will enable you to literally reinvent your life.

We treat the disease of addiction, which incorporates all substance dependencies, including alcohol, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, ketamine, heroin, methadone, Subutex, morphine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, psychedelics, ecstasy, solvents, and legal (prescribed) medication addictions, as well as other process and behavior addictions such as sex, love, gaming, gambling, internet or technologies, shopping, food, exercise and co-dependency. We believe that addiction is a disease of the mind, from which we can recover, one day at a time.

We are a residential rehab experience, with a minimum of one month commitment. People are not permitted to come by and visit or look around unless an appointment has been made. This is to protect the privacy and the space for our residents and to keep them safe. We are not a day care facility or outpatient service. We only serve those people looking for a fully immersive experience.

Our minimum commitment is 4 weeks. Even considering that it’s possible to overcome an addiction with any long-lasting effect for any shorter period is simply unrealistic, and likely unethical. Whilst our minimum commitment is 4 weeks, many, probably most of our residents stay 6 to 8 weeks and some up to 12 weeks (the full program length).

We will discourage this until after week 9. Whilst it may be nice to think that your family are supportive and want to encourage you, it’s a huge distraction from treatment for the individual, and our collective observations (in other facilities) are that in over 66% of these visits it leads to disruption, early self-discharge, and often relapse. That said, please know we’re a treatment centre driven by your success and we do know that your success is significantly improved when family members are engaged in their loved one’s recovery. So if you would like to organise either a zoom call with your family and your primary therapist, or an actual family visit on site, we would encourage this towards the end of your treatment experience.

We appreciate that you will be away from your loved ones for fairly long periods of time and that connection to them is important. Sometimes work or business calls are important to you. We will always find ways to help you facilitate these relationships. We have super-fast internet, and all the bedrooms have Smart TVs running YouTube and Netflix etc.

It is our policy that in today’s modern world, our residents need to find recovery with their smart devices to hand. We are against hiding technology from our residents as it’s a useful tool to support our recovery as well as our lifestyles.

Therefore, unless you specifically require a digital detox, . you can use your phone, pad and laptop in your room outside of the scheduled structure and groups, meaning that you can use your devices before morning activities, after the daily groups, and even in between the scheduled program (for instance, lunchtime) should you choose to.

Yes you may. Whilst we’d love to encourage you to quit whilst youre with us, we acknowledge that many people still smoke. So you may smoke on the balcony of your room, or in the dedicated smoking sala in the lounge area.

Koh Phangan is a warm climate all year round. It is typically in the low to mid 30s*c / low 90s*f during the day, and at night it rarely goes under 23*c / mid 70s*f Sometimes it rains, usually for up to 30 minutes, which serves at cooling down the air. Occasionally it may rain for longer periods (typically in October or November), though this doesn’t interfere with treatment particularly.

Pack as if you were coming on holiday to a tropical paradise island in Thailand – which, of course you are. Summer style clothing is recommended (light shirts, T-shirts, shorts, comfortable shoes, sneakers, flip flops / sandals, etc, light, breathable clothing and swimwear for the pool and the beaches. Most of us wear underwear, shorts, T-shirts / Tank Tops / Vests, sneakers, sandals & tongs / flip flops. Active wear for workouts and other fitness activities including swimming, sports shoes, and light wear for yoga. We do physical activities almost every day, so bring a few pairs to allow for laundry times.

There is no need to dress formal or smart. Everything is relaxed, comfort focused and easy going. We have a safe to keep your valuables in, but expensive jewellery and other luxury items are unnecessary. Toiletries: Please bring your own toiletries and hygiene products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shaving materials, basic makeup, hairbrush, etc. Anything you forget we can purchase from local shops.

Medications: You are allowed to continue using your doctor-prescribed medications while in rehab, but please do bring proof of your prescription. Please keep all your pills in the original packaging so that they are not  to be unauthorized narcotics.

Kindly do not bring the following: Alcohol or drugs: It might seem self-explanatory, but some clients may try to sneak in a last-minute hit, fix, pill, can, bottle, etc. Your bags and belongings will be searched when you arrive at Holina. Alcohol or drug paraphernalia: This includes anything that advertises or glorifies the use of alcohol or drugs. This should also include items that display support for criminal acts including terrorism, sex, gambling, or other negatively perceived notions that could upset other residents.
Weapons: There is absolutely no need to bring any knives or weapons with you to Thailand or to treatment. They will be confiscated and destroyed. Toiletries that contain alcohol: Leave any alcohol-based products at home, such as certain mouthwashes, nail polish remover, perfumes, and aerosols.

We have 2 main Chef’s (supported by 2 other Thai chefs) – a Meat focused one and a Vegan Chef. You can advise us of any of your specific dietary needs and we can manage them. We’re used to having people with all types of needs. Nothing unusual there.

Our prices are all inclusive and dependent upon the style of room you choose – shared, single occupancy or private plunge pool villa. You can view our prices here

We don’t have any hidden costs, though there are some costs that should be aware of. We pay for any psychiatric assessments and other mental health professional visits. We ask you to pay for anything non detox or mental health related, including your medications.

We also ask that you have travel or medical insurance in place before you come to us. This is really for any non-detox or psychiatric related problems, like if you fall over and break your arm, or some other uncalculated trip to accident and emergency.

We don’t pay for your flights to and from Koh Samui Airport (USM), but we do cover the cost of getting you from the airport to Holina and we will pay for your return to the airport unless you check out against clinical advice. Typically, our clients spend between US$50 and $75 per month on personal items, such as snacks, sodas, cigarettes, some toiletries, etc, but it’s not necessary to spend any more. Even gift buying on this island is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the world.

At this time, residents of most countries around the world are able to come into Thailand and achieve a visa upon entry. We will advise you on this process. It’s very straight forwards.
If you extend your treatment and need a lon
ger visa then we will take care of this for you, and in most instances we will pay for all your visa extensions too. 

Currently, there are no requirements for any vaccines to come into Thailand. This includes COVID vaccines or any other historical vaccines previously required. So please don’t worry about this, unless you specifically want to be extra vaccinated. 

Contact Our Team Today

If you would like to know more about our Holina Addiction Treatment Center, please feel free to drop us a quick message here. Please fill in as many details as possible to help us understand your current situation and addiction history if possible.

Coming to Holina is more than just recovery. You will find support here for life. Even after completing treatment, we offer support groups for continuing support on your journey.

Welcome to the family!