Trauma Treatment Center

12 Step Holistic Resort

Aftercare & Thrucare​

Holina Aftercare

Aftercare is a weekly 45-minute video conference call with one of our Therapeutic Aftercareteam and will be configured to your time zone.

Its aim is to keep you on track with your progress back in your home or workplace and it’s an important part of your long-term success. It allows for a great deal of support, particularly around circumstances that may arise out of the blue and is proven to be a successful way of maintaining our recovery.

We also encourage all our residents to use the tools they’ve gained, learnt or discovered whilst with us in treatment, and this includes returning home to their 12 step fellowships, which as a local resource, free of charge and led by its own members who are also recovering, this encourages them to take their recovery even more seriously.

Aftercare is free of charge for 6 months to everyone.

Holina Thrucare

We offer a fabulous Throughcare programme to all those who graduate our 12-week programme. It offers 8 opportunities within 2 years to return (once every 3 months) for 5 days to Holina and immerse yourself in our Throughcare Program, designed specifically for our graduates and their ongoing experiences of living in Recovery.

This could be compared to the “icing on the cake” of anyone’s Recovery journey as it secures a firm and constant accountability process that also effectively celebrates progress as well as unpacking challenges along the way.

Ask us for more details before you graduate. We’d love for you to join our Throughcare Program and continue your place in the Holina family.