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Holina's History

Holina's History

Founder Yossi Zubari Writes

It was December 2019 after my birthday, and my girlfriend at the time bought me over from Koh Samui for a short weekend with another couple of friends in Koh Phangan. The couple who was with us knew Koh Phangan well and chose Loyfa Natural Resort for us. The Loyfa brand is recognized as one of the original families on Koh Phangan, and their resort, hand-built over 2 generations, is a gorgeous site partly within the jungle, and alongside a stunning private beach. It was so beautiful, and I stayed in a room with a huge pool outside that seemed to kiss the sea.

On the first evening, we went to a Buddhist sauna, which contained secret herbs designed to detoxify the body. It was so refreshing I went twice. I felt an overwhelming sense that David (the owner) was playing his Tibetan instruments just for us as I lay down and gazed at the stars. A sense of pleasure overwhelmed me.


Life Changing Connections

The next morning, I awoke in front of the gentle waves from the sea and so I went out for a little walk. I felt a feeling that this was where I needed to be. I told my girlfriend that I feel this place is calling for me. She laughed and told me, What are you going to do here? Your offices are in Herzliya, (Israel). I said I don’t know. Just feels like I have to stay here. For a long time, I had wanted to make some massive life changes, thinking that as a successful businessman with one of my main offices in Sri Lanka I considered if I might stay here and remotely run my businesses.

I went back to my bungalow and the other couple who were with us began chatting. I shared with them my feelings, including my further spiritual awakening and that I feel like I must stay here. They told me of their own spiritual experience the night before, and how after returning from the sauna they came to their room and poured wine for themselves but couldn’t drink it because of a sensation they were experiencing. They felt too purified, and they didn’t want to dirty their bodies or their feelings.

Rehab Thailand

My immediate thought was the creation of a holistic healing rehab center, with a sauna to aid in physical detoxification. I shared it with them, and they agreed it was a wonderful idea. But he said there is a Monk on the island that everyone consults on such matters of healing. They suggested I have a chat with him. I suddenly felt a sharp sensation in my gut and knew I had to meet this monk. I told my friend to arrange a meeting for me with this monk, and due to this feeling in my stomach, I encouraged him with great urgency. But he replied that it was not easy to book an appointment with this Monk because he was the spiritual father of Koh Phangan, and he was always very busy. It would likely take him two to three weeks just to have a primary conversation. But I urged my friend to make it happen as soon as he could. He promised me he would set up a meeting for us.

In the meantime, I had to find a Villa, or a resort, with 10 or more rooms, to open a rehab centre. So, with my girlfriend, we headed up the hill towards the Loyfa reception to check out, with plans to return to Samui. When I got to the reception on the left, I saw a monk standing. I ran over to my friend and asked if it was the same monk he had been referring to. Indeed, it was, he confirmed.


Someone Sane

I went over to the monk and introduced myself, explaining that I am a businessman from Israel, and I thought about starting a spiritual-based business here and was advised to consult with you first. I was also told it would take two to three weeks to meet you, but my God sent you within 10 minutes. The monk burst out laughing and asked me what businesses were thinking about.

I answered a spiritual centre for the treatment of addictions. He nodded his head and told me that someone sane had finally arrived on the island. Let’s sit down and talk he suggested. I replied that I was in a hurry for the ferry to Koh Samui but promised to come back in 2 days. He gave me his Teflon and we arranged to meet in 2 days. Two days later I did return to the island, this time alone. I called and he invited me to his temple.

Holina Addiction Treatment

We sat for many hours straight and I told him about my addiction, my recovery, and my businesses. We talked for over 4 hours crying and laughing together. Over four hours later he asked me to come back the next day. So I returned again and once again we sat for many more hours crying and laughing. He told me about his journey as a businessman in Switzerland and how he came to be a monk after a few hours of conversation. He asked me if it was possible to hug me. And I replied Yes, of course. We hugged and he told me that he had been waiting for 4 years for me to come to the island. I was shocked as he told me that he believed very much in my project, before even knowing what it looked like or how it would work.

He asked me if the Loyfa resort I had stayed at was a good place for my project. I answered surely this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. He smiled and told me that it now was mine. I was astounded! And if you don’t believe me, he said, I called you to come again today because I have already spoken to my lawyer to transfer my resort to your name.


Holina Spiritual Center Is Born

I was moved and burst into tears. I didn’t even know he owned the beautiful Loyfa resort, and here he is gifting it to me for our holistic healing addiction rehab project. Why would you do that? I asked him. You have a profitable resort that provides you with a few million, so why would you risk it for my project that is not sure to succeed? He answered me with a rolling laugh.

Yossi I’m a monk I don’t even have 100 baht to buy food. I get up every day at 4 am and walk barefoot in meditation. I eat the one meal a day that I’m provided with each day. What will I do with the money? I’m not allowed to do business as a monk, and I was always waiting for someone I could trust to arrive and make something positive. Now that you have arrived with your beautiful spiritual project, I believe in it, and I believe in you. I want you to take my resort and make it your spiritual centre. I don’t need money. I will sleep with the monks in the temple on a mattress. I have nothing to do with money. I believe in your cause and I will accompany you immediately.

So, I left and returned to Israel, where I sold most of my property. |I transferred my company to my CEO and I returned to Thailand and so together we established the Holina Spiritual Centre, to become one of the healthiest and happiest empowerment and care centres in Thailand.

Holina Video's

Watch our Monk Prah Olarn (Unlimited Smiling Monk) present an introduction to the Inner Walk Meditation offered at Koh Phangan and at the Holina Rehab Resort. The Inner Walk has supported thousands of visitors to increase their presence and mindfulness.

Sunset dinners at Holina on Fridays are a special time. We reflect on the past week and plan some exciting weekend activities around the island. Our chefs love to surprise us and make everyone indulge in culinary delights.

Art Therapy with Umporn Jiaranai the founder and Creative Director of an Art school “Art Issue” which focuses on creative art for children and adults. We provide fun, joyful, and unforgettable learning experiences through our art classes.