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Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Island

Holina is located on its peninsula on the West Coast of Koh Phangan, permitting its stunning sunsets. We have a private beach and multiple swimming pools, and we’re keen on marine activities in the Gulf of Thailand.

We have a gym, sauna, ice bath and massage huts. We are spoiled for choices of Salas and there’s plenty to explore in our little part of the world. We organise trips around the Island, sometimes hiking into the waterfalls or up the jungle mountains. But most of all we enjoy the beaches this beautiful Island has to offer, not least the one on our resort.

You will quickly come to realise why Koh Phangan, has such a wonderful reputation and the perfect place for Holina Addiction Services.

The Gorgeous Weather

Koh Phangan temperatures rarely go under 23*c / 74*f (at night) and almost never go above 34*c / 93*f (during the day)in Koh Phangan and even during the rainy season it’s still straightforward to find plenty of blue skies and have time in the sun to work on your tan, as it may rain 2 or 3 times a day (or it may rain less). It may be heavy, but it is unlikely to shower for more than 30 minutes and it’s usually at night, so the daytime is still perfect weather, all year around.

Koh Phangan, Thailand has a hot & humid climate. The island of Koh Phangan is exceptionally placed near enough to the equator to have just two seasons – sunny & hot, and sunny & hot with some rain. Koh Phangan weather is considered stable and predictable all year round.

Koh Phangan Rehab Prices

At Holina, you’ll pay a fraction of what you would pay in Western countries for a program that is not only comparable, but with the Holina being such a memorable, life-changing experience, it should prove to be the only Rehab you ever need to visit.

Perhaps one of the most convincing reasons to come to treatment with us at Holina Addiction Treatment Centre is the comparable savings you’ll achieve. Addiction treatment in Thailand is low-cost/high-quality giving you the ‘best of both worlds.’ It is estimated that you would pay up to 5 times as much in the USA for a similar service in Florida or California. In Spain with its sunshine and warm climate, and in the UK, with its dreadful weather, you’d be paying 3 times as much just for a similar therapeutic service, and that’s before the add-ons that Holina can offers.

Holina Rehab – Back to Yourself

Client Testimonials

Miss C from Manchester, UK had previously experienced rehab for her addictions within the UK, and sadly had relapsed back into her drug addiction and challenging behaviours shortly afterwards. 

She contacted us and appreciated our combined holistic and 12-step approach, seeing the potential for her to find authentic recovery from her addictions, and her emotional/behavioural challenges and to get back to herself. 
Disclaimer: we fully respect the confidentiality of all our residents. With this in mind, most of our clients choose not to leave reviews or testimonials. We’re grateful when they do and will always protect their anonymity. 

Holina Videos

Watch our Monk Prah Olarn (Unlimited Smiling Monk) present an introduction to the Inner Walk Meditation offered on Koh Phangan and at the Holina Rehab Resort. The Inner Walk has supported thousands of visitors to increase their presence and mindfulness.

Sunset dinners at Holina on Fridays are a special time. We reflect on the past week and plan some exciting weekend activities around the island. Our chefs love to surprise us and make everyone indulge in culinary delights.

Art Therapy with Umporn Jiaranai the founder and Creative Director of an Art school “Art Issue” which focuses on creative art for children and adults. We provide fun, joyful, and unforgettable learning experiences through our art classes.