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For those seeking to come and enjoy Sober Living in Thailand, on a large Alcohol and Drug free resort, attached to a Residential Rehab for Addictions and Trauma Recovery, then Holina on the gorgeous tropical island of Koh Phangan is a magnificent choice.

With a thriving 12 step community already here, and plenty of opportunities to grow your spiritual condition, Holina and the conscious community of Koh Phangan is a perfect space to launch your recovery further along the bridge to normal living.

Come and explore the magical features of our island and all it offers, globally acknowledged as an international destination of choice for those seeking yoga, mindfulness / wellness, and holistic health, as well as it’s organic tropical vibes.

Holina is an entirely alcohol and drug free residential resort on Koh Phangan, and therefore living on such a beautiful beachside resort really is the perfect opportunity for our residents to really get the most out of their newfound life and recovery.
We cater for our Sober Living stays from one month and beyond. Most of our residents typically stay 3 to 6 months. 

If you are enquiring about Sober Living from a different facility, then we ask you have a minimum of 3 months continuous recovery and to be confident in your ability to maintain it. We are delighted to help you deepen your recovery experience, but you do need to able to maintain it initially. If you do not meet the 90 days criteria then we may suggest you begin with some Holina Primary care first, before you proceed into Sober Living. This is evaluated through our assessments.

We offer two levels of Sober Living

Standard Sober Living at $3720 + 7% Sales Tax = US$3980.40 for half board (breakfast and either lunch or supper). 
Enhanced Sober Living at $5350 + 7% Sales Tax. = US$5724.50 for full board (breakfast, lunch and supper). 

Standard Sober Living residents are invited to attend our early morning “Just For Today” Groups, as well as Yoga and other fitness activities. Furthermore, they’re encouraged to attend early evening scheduled activities, such as sauna, ice baths, sound healing, movie nights and the daily Closing Group (Step 10).
We also encourage all Sober Living residents to attend least 5 or 6 groups per week, and they are welcome to attend all the 12 that are scheduled (almost all of which are in the mornings). Plus they are encouraged to come along on the weekly Saturday excursions.

They will be assigned a Case Manager for a weekly one to one, and be expected to manage their own time in a sober and respectful way (waking up in the mornings and participating in life, and always returning home by 11pm). Otherwise, you are largely left to your own space to further develop and explore your recovery and spirituality around the island. 

Sober Living is structured but also requires significant personal recovery before you can be considered as suitable. 

Enhanced Sober Living is the same but with an additional 4 person centred 1 to 1 psychotherapy and somatic engagements, per week which is particularly relevant to people with deeper trauma and other emotional or behavioural challenges to continue to work through. 

All our Sober Living Residents remain engaged in the Addiction Recovery Program, and for those in Enhanced Sober Living they are included in the non-Addiction work too.

All Sober Living residents are expected to attend a minimum of 4 12 step meetings a week.

Sober Living

Sober Living is the original concept of serving people with longer-term recovery goals, by continuing to serve them in their addiction treatment but also giving them the freedom to develop their passions and purpose in life in their free time.
Sober Living as a solution to support long-term recovery is very cost-effective and offers a great level of safety, comfort, and alcohol / narcotic free support.

Whilst the Sober Living program is no longer intense like primary and secondary care, the residents are expected to maintain their recovery and attend to certain agreed levels of service or contribution, somewhere on the island or in some way being of use to the planet on your journey back to yourself in the spirit of contribution and away from the selfishness of our addictions.

But of course, Sober Living at Holina is extremely popular because of the Holina resort and its private beach. So many people join our Sober Living program simply for access to our magnificent resort and its facilities. 

Holina Healthy Living

Our Sober Living concept is hosted here due to the popularity of the Holina Family feeling, the extensive Conscious Community within the Island of Koh Phangan Thailand and of course the stunning beauty of this tropical paradise island.
Many of our graduates want to stay around the Holina Family so by creating a safe space where Sober Living residents can mix with the Island’s recovery community who are likely to be living in a space of spiritual principles and values already, the 2 communities inspire and aspire to each other to attain even more joy in their lives during their sober living journey.

It’s a win-win situation.

Holina Videos

Watch our Monk Prah Olarn (Unlimited Smiling Monk) present an introduction to the Inner Walk Meditation offered on Koh Phangan and at the Holina Rehab Resort. The Inner Walk has supported thousands of visitors to increase their presence and mindfulness.

Sunset dinners at Holina on Fridays are a special time. We reflect on the past week and plan some exciting weekend activities around the island. Our chefs love to surprise us and make everyone indulge in culinary delights.

Art Therapy with Umporn Jiaranai the founder and Creative Director of an Art school “Art Issue” which focuses on creative art for children and adults. We provide fun, joyful, and unforgettable learning experiences through our art classes.

Client Testimonials

Miss C from Manchester, UK had previously experienced rehab for her addictions within the UK, and sadly had relapsed back into her drug addiction and challenging behaviours shortly afterwards. 

She contacted us and appreciated our combined holistic and 12-step approach, seeing the potential for her to find authentic recovery from her addictions, and her emotional/behavioural challenges and to get back to herself. 
Disclaimer: we fully respect the confidentiality of all our residents. With this in mind, most of our clients choose not to leave reviews or testimonials. We’re grateful when they do and will always protect their anonymity.