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Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction treatment at Holina is rapidly becoming a mainstream behavioural challenge that requires treatment, and as the number of people entering rehabilitation centres for it increases, the stigma begins to diminish. Since 2020, we’ve seen a significant increase in people identifying their addictive disease including sex obsession and compulsions, which is a healthy move forwards for all recovering addicts, in our opinion.

Sex Addiction treatment on a physical level is very similar to substance addictions like alcohol and drugs. We say this because the way the drugs & alcohol flood the brain’s reward circuit is the same as the euphoria created by the chemical messenger that sex (usually through orgasm) unleashes. During the build-up and the climax (orgasm), your brain creates a variety of different hormones and neurochemicals, specifically dopamine, which is also created artificially by drugs and alcohol.

What Is Sex Addiction?

Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder (CSBD) or hypersexuality is commonly referred to as sex addiction. However, sex addiction as a condition is not formally accepted by all members of the medical community. Though a diagnosis of sex addiction does not formally exist, compulsive sexual behaviour can result in significant emotional pain and other devastating consequences.

Many people may ask, “Is sex addiction a real thing?” In reality, compulsive sexual behaviour goes beyond desire, and it’s a challenging reality for many people who live with it. Approximately 3% to 6% of the general population experiences symptoms of compulsive sexual behaviour. CSBD involves a variety of complex and intense unwanted sexual behaviours and fantasies that, at times, may become harmful to you and others. The condition can be managed, though. It might require seeking the help of a health professional and committing to long-term treatment.

What Are Symptoms Of Sex Addiction

Sexual addiction can manifest itself in many different ways, both physical and emotional. It takes a healthcare professional to make a clear diagnosis, but here are some signs that can point to a potential sex addiction:

  • You masturbate often (once to several times daily).
  • You spend an excessive amount of time planning sexual activity.
  • You frequently use sexual services.
  • Your behaviour escalates to reckless sexual activity.
  • You frequently engage in paraphilia.
  • You can’t stop your sexual behaviour despite negative consequences to your finances, relationships, health or emotions.

Dopamine, often referred to as the “pleasure chemical”, is responsible for feelings of pleasure or joy, desire, and motivation.

As this surge of dopamine floods the reward circuit it reinforces the messages to the brain that this is pleasurable and therefore begins to create the brain’s attachment to the behaviour, before it grows to become a dominant activity, obsession, and compulsion, as the process is repeated again and again.

Just like with drug use, the brain adapts to the artificial pleasure being offered by reducing its impact over time and creating tolerance within the cells responding to it, meaning that more and more of the activity is required to create the same feelings.

Why Do People Get An Addiction To Sex?

The simple reason why people become addicted to sex is that it feels good. It feels so good that the brain begins to crave more and more of these feelings, unconsciously moving through a timeline that eventually shifts from fun pursuits to obsessive and compulsive activities. Furthermore, just like substance addictions, their beginnings started with the desire to control our reality or seek a better one – what we mean by this is that once the brain learns that it can control its joy and pleasure through an activity like sex or drugs, it desires it more of the time, particularly to escape pain or move towards even more joy and pleasure.

Sex addiction treatment, similar to food addictions is particularly difficult to confront because it’s considered such a natural thing to do and believed to be one of the basic human needs – to procreate and to feel good procreating. But how many people with sex addiction are using it to procreate? Almost none. Almost everyone is using sex to artificially feel good about themselves. With such a temptation and such a global and societal mindset around sex, it’s not surprising that it’s so difficult to overcome.

Holina Residential Treatment​

We have a wonderful resort here on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Phangan, with a private beach, multiple swimming pools, sauna, gym, massage hut, etc and many salas and other hangouts.
We cater to all dietary requirements and we have an open policy towards people from all religions, atheists, cultures, classes, gender / gender identities, sexuality, age and body shapes. 

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Residential Daily Timeline

At Holina we have a wide range of treatments and activities that are proven steps in bringing you back to yourself. Each day is different at Holina but we do follow a regular daily schedule when possible from Monday to Friday as outlined below. Please note this is a rough guide to what your normal day would consist of at Holina Rehab when you participate in our Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Holina.

On weekends we break from the normal schedule and explore some of the best locations Koh Phangan has to offer.

Morning Meditation

At Holina we do this in 30 minute sessions so our guests can get used to the experience first hand.


Yoga increases physical health & Workshops help you to understand body awareness.


Start your day with a healthy breakfast with a full selection and choice of healthy and nutritious options available.

Morning Treatment

This section of your day changes day to day as we go through the 12 Step model of treatment.

food addiction treatment

We are able to cater for absolutely all dietary requirements, including Vegan, Vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free, pescatarian, keto, or specific allergies, including nuts, etc.

Afternoon Treatment

This section of your day changes day to day as we go through the 12 Step model of treatment.


Each evening we have a buffet style dinner with daily changes to our dishes with western and asian food available.

Evening Activities

We have a host of evening activities including movie nights , dance & music theraph & sound healing to name a few.

How Our Sex Addiction Treatment Works

Holina Rehab treats addictions, often accompanied by trauma, anxiety and depression. We don’t have a fixed start date. The program begins as soon as you arrive. 
We use the proven western 12 Step model of treatment, mixed with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and various other talking therapy strategies, combined with our holistic healing therapies and mixed with mindfulness practices, which originate from Thai Buddhism and other Eastern Spiritual practices.
We have Counsellors, Coaches, Mentors, Therapists, Psychotherapists, Trainers and even a Monk on our diverse and experienced team.