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Rehab Facilities

Our Tropical Rehab Facilities

We are super fortunate to have landed Holina in this precise part of the world, this part of the country, and this part of the island on this pinnacle with the sea to our left and to our right.

Holina sits upon a resort on a pinnacle off the west coast of Koh Phangan (Srithanu), with some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world on daily show from our rehab facilities.

Because of our tropical climate, the temperature never drops below 23* / 73.5 f at night, and rarely over 35* / 95 f during the day and sometimes it rains a little. That’s about it for our weather. Lovely and warm at night, and comfortably warm during the day.

Essentially our rehab facilities are set within paradise and the beauty of Koh Phangan, within the delights and magic of Thailand and our home, Holina Rehab Thailand.

Our Restaurant​

Rehab Facilities – Healthy Holina Diet & Nutrition

We are in the fortunate position of having 2 head chefs (who happen to be a very happy couple, very much in love), each with their disciplines, passions and focus. Guy is a carnivore and Ana is a Vegan chef.

They are complemented by 2 hardworking Thai Kitchen staff, and together, through their collaboration we can cater for absolutely all dietary requirements, including Vegan, Vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, pescatarian, keto, or specific allergies, including nuts, etc.

As part of our standard rehab facilities, we serve 3 meals a day, with a full selection and choice of healthy and nutritious flavours from around the world, including Thailand, at every meal.

We understand that some of our residents come to us wholly undernourished, and others come with food addictions. We can serve all our clients precisely what they need, whether to bulk up or cut down, and we have specialist Counsellors and Therapists in this field to support our residents through these challenges.

Let us help you get back to yourself at holian rehab facilities.

















Swimming Pools & Beach Area

We are blessed with 1 large swimming pool and one even larger pool here at Holina for all our guests to utilise as part of our standard rehab facilities. The first one lies on the north side overlooking the peaceful cove and sea. Aside from being a great place to cool down, it’s also next to the massage huts and our private beach. It is sun-drenched throughout the day and is the perfect pool to hang out in at Holina Rehab Thailand.

The second larger pool sits on the peninsula, with some of our bedrooms overlooking the pool and then onto the sea. This pool is 23 meters long and permits lap swimming as well as relaxing and chilling. It is sun filled through most of the day and is a great spot to watch the sunset from.

We have lots of beach space for you to explore and take in the picture-perfect daily sunsets at Hoina Rehab Thailand.







Private Gym & Sauna

We believe in excellent health and vitality; therefore, having a gymnasium and various exercise groups is a must for Holina Rehab.

Our gym is air-conditioned and serves the size of the Holina population, with multiple pieces of equipment and space for floor work.

We have the purpose-built Sauna next door, which is a great space for supporting certain types of substance detoxes as well as being supportive of a general physical cleanse.

We have just built our Ice Bath next to the sauna, which helps significantly with depression as we add to our existing rehab facilities.

Holina Gym-12

Holina Gym-29

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Holina Gym-15

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Holina Gym-16

Holina Gym-22

Holina Gym-8

Holina Gym-28

Holina Gym-10

Holina Gym-25

Holina Gym-6

Holina Gym-30

Holina Gym-32

Holina Gym-33

Holina Gym-34

Large Sala’s & Treatment Areas

Holina is very fortunate to have such a scope of locations to use for its treatment delivery rooms.

Holina rehab facilities include a large multipurpose sala with sea views and multiple wall fans to keep us cool. This is used daily for therapeutic groups, yoga, meetings, and other activities. We have a smaller sala, cooled by fans, with bean bags and chairs. It is largely our holistic sala, though it is also the music room, as well as for sound healing therapy (Gong Baths and Singing Bowls), drumming circles, movie nights and other more minor group activities.

We have a small sala with views over the peninsula and sea views from two sides, which we use mostly for meditation and mindfulness.

We have a multipurpose lounge sala which is also the hangout and coffee bar. It is fan cooled and has benches, tables and chairs. Art therapy and Wire Wrapping are delivered here. As part of our ever-growing rehab facilities, we have an air-conditioned gym which we use for groups too when we want somewhere enclosed, particularly to keep the volume and music retained. Often, we do psychodrama here.

We have a small smoking sala and a couple of other Salas’s peppered around the resort, for chilling or chatting. We have several air-conditioned offices and smaller 1-to-1 spaces for privacy and comfort.

We have an air-conditioned boardroom which is also used for small groups, meetings with family or other practitioners and serves for team meetings.