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Addiction Services at Holina​

Overcoming any addiction is a challenging procedure. After all, if giving up was easy, then it wouldn’t be an addiction in the first place and that’s why we have created our tailored addiction treatment programs.

Recovering is not as straight forwards as simply stopping. All addictions are labelled as such because of the mental obsession that persuades us that this time will be different and that we can drink/use/engage without the same consequences as yesterday or the last time, and alcohol addiction is a very strong example of this.

However, if you are serious and dedicated to overcoming your addiction and recovering, then our Holina Addiction treatments will serve you to finally close the door to your debilitating dependency and kick-start your life again.

Holina Rehab Resort provides a holistic recovery program for mind, body & soul. A robust 12-step program, psychotherapy & trauma resolution, body movement, breathwork, somatic therapy, partially submerged in the pool, massages & physical wellness, art therapy, therapeutic activities, spiritual practices like meditation & mindfulness as well as a tailored post-rehab program – these are just a few of the main ingredients for the successful long-term recovery offered at Holina Rehab.

White beaches, turquoise sea and coconut palm trees – this tropical paradise island is the perfect place for detox and holistic addiction recovery. 

It’s time to get back to yourself!

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Holina Personal Video Assessment

Connect with us via Video Chat and have a personalised Assessment with Ian Young (subject to his availability through the booking calendar app). 

During this conversation you’ll be able to ask Ian all your questions about Holina, treatment, recovery, and anything else on your mind. Also, should you be willing to proceed, Ian will ask you certain questions about yourself to determine more about your situation and be able to move your admission forwards. This process is called the “Holina Treatment Assessment”. 

The Change You Need

Holina sits upon a resort on a pinnacle off the west coast of Koh Phangan (Srithanu), with some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world on daily show from our rehab facilities.

Because of our tropical climate, the temperature never drops below 23* / 73.5 f at night, and rarely over 35* / 95 f during the day and sometimes it rains a little. That’s about it for our weather. Lovely and warm at night, and comfortably warm during the day.

Essentially our rehab facilities are set within paradise and the beauty of Koh Phangan, within the delights and magic of Thailand and our home, Holina Rehab Thailand.

We are blessed with 1 large swimming pool and one even larger pool here at Holina for all our guests to utilise as part of our standard rehab facilities. The first one lies on the north side overlooking the peaceful cove and sea. Aside from being a great place to cool down, it’s also next to the massage huts and our private beach. It is sun-drenched throughout the day and is the perfect pool to hang out in at Holina Rehab Thailand.

We believe in excellent health and vitality; therefore, having a gymnasium and various exercise groups is a must for Holina Rehab.

Our gym is air-conditioned and serves the size of the Holina population, with multiple pieces of equipment and space for floor work.

We have the purpose-built Sauna next door, which is a great space for supporting certain types of substance detoxes as well as being supportive of a general physical cleanse.

We have just built our Ice Bath next to the sauna, which helps significantly with depression as we add to our existing rehab facilities.