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Addiction Primary Care

Addiction Primary Care


Holina’s 12 Step approach, mixed with our robust and exhilarating holistic program, permits us to mix expert addiction treatment of exceptional quality with self-discovery, mindfulness and long-lasting wellness. We believe in this mixture of both principles – deep and insightful talking therapies and great holistic health. This is the essence of our Primary Care Program.

Our beautiful private rehab, located on the tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, delivers evidence-based treatments, proven to be highly effective in treating addiction and other common co-occurring illnesses, alongside personal self-transformation and adventure.

When considering a private rehab clinic for primary care addiction treatment, it is important to consider all the services that are included and whether they are appealing to you personally.

At Holina, our primary care program includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

Intensive 7 stages of recovery, 12 step meetings, fellowship, and workshops, SA Workbook and understanding of control / lack of control paradigms, Discovering the Power within vs the powerlessness of addiction / depression, Psychodrama & Constellations, Group Therapy, One to One Counselling, Trauma Informed Therapy, One to One with Koh Phangan’s Buddhist Monk and co-Founder of Holina, Neuro Linguistic Programming and rebalancing behaviours, processes and attitudes, Spirituality for all levels of understanding, Inner Walking, Yoga, Tai Chi, Breathwork, EMDR, Emotional Trauma Release, Mindfulness Groups, Topic Groups, Wellness exercises, Movement Therapy, Physical Training, Swimming, Hiking, Free-Diving training, Scuba / Free Diving / Snorkelling boat trips, Elephant interaction.

Holina is proud of its therapeutic team and has specifically chosen them based upon their own multi-disciplinary skills, which when combined together help us address all of our clients’ specific needs and brings a whole new dimension to our residential experience.
By collaborating and joining up all these evidence-based therapies, Holina has created an engaging and inspirational model of treatment for its residents.

Primary Care​

When it comes to treating addiction, we’ve seen and heard from many people who’ve attempted and failed previously by using various strategies, typically ones they’ve sourced local to their home or in their community. Even our own staff tried many different things before finding something that works. What we’ve discovered over time is the value of removing the client from their home environment and giving them a real chance to work on themselves somewhere remote and somewhere unusual. This is especially powerful for transformation when the location that the help is given and received is in such a beautiful location as Holina on Koh Phangan.

Where addiction is concerned, treatment has come a great distance over the past few decades. We now have the knowledge and expertise to treat addiction more successfully than ever before. We’ve combined all the things that did work for us personally and professionally, and combined them with the things we’ve observed and experienced have had a great impact on the treatment of others, to create a strong and robust program that will serve everyone seeking help. We have created a Retreat type Rehab with the space for people to come and discover what works best for them by trying all the different features we offer. So, the Holina treatment becomes highly effective at tackling and healing the root causes of addiction, depression, stress, anxiety, burnout, and other behavioural, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

We provide a treatment experience that is unique, powerful, and more to the point, works!

We offer a vast and varied mixture of treatments that are proven to be effective and most importantly, to help with your transformation. These treatments are vital to an individual’s personal recovery from addiction. The evidence-based treatments that Holina delivers are designed to not only work whilst you’re with us but can be taken home and worked when you return to your families and communities.

Evidence Based Addiction Treatment at Holina​

Holina pride ourselves on being able to offer the very latest in evidence-based treatments to our patients. Targeting the mind, the body, the emotions and perhaps most importantly, the spiritual aspects of proven addiction recovery, we have a model that serves the many and not the few.

Our evidence-based treatment programme includes the following powerful proven addiction treatment therapies:

  • Qualified Pyschotherapy
  • 12 Step Therapy
  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • DBT – Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing
  • MI – Motivational Interviewing
  • EMT – Emotional Trauma Release
  • MET – Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • NARM Trauma Recovery
  • Somatic Therapy 
  • Stress Management
  • Full suite of Holistic Programs

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Safely removing the alcohol, drugs or addicted behaviour or process is only the very beginning of someone’s journey into recovery. Addiction is now medically recognised by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a “chronic relapsing brain disease”.
Our ambition is to serve our clients to never have to relapse ever again!

Our Holina Primary Care program not only helps to safeguard against relapse but also enables the individual to live life happy, joyous, and free from their addictions, managing their own emotions and affairs without resorting to alcohol, drugs, or dysfunctional behaviours.

If you or a family member need help with an addiction call us now; we are confident our evidence-based treatment programme can help you, as it has been proven with many others.